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Webinar: Supporting mental wellbeing in the upcoming academic year

Webinar: Supporting mental wellbeing in the upcoming academic year

It is the duty of leaders to protect the mental wellbeing of those in their care. Before the beginning of the new academic year, we have a chance to reflect on how we can best look after the wellbeing of both our students and teachers.

During this webinar, we are joined by Samantha Butters, Co-CEO of the Fair Education Alliance. Samantha discusses their multi-faceted definition of universal wellbeing (self, society and nature) and demonstrate its importance at the heart of education.

You will also hear from Peter Hughes, CEO of the Mossbourne Federation, about how he cares for the wellbeing and mental health of both his team and the students at Mossbourne with the help of various initiatives and the ProgressTeaching platform.

Topics to be discussed include:

* Prioritising wellbeing and the mental health of students across the education sector
* Exploring our full leadership potential
* Ways to measure pupils’ wellbeing and social and emotional skills
* Taking action on the causes that impact wellbeing
* How interactions with nature can support self-wellbeing
* Supporting the wellbeing of your teachers
* Ways to improve wellbeing and work more efficiently
* Creating and monitoring student strategies to reduce stress and improve outcomes

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15th October 2021