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Webinar: A journey of teaching improvement and student development

Webinar: A journey of teaching improvement and student development

Presented by:

  • Peter Hughes, CEO of the Mossbourne Federation and Progress Teaching
  • Mohsen Ojja, Deputy CEO of the Mossbourne Federation, previously National Director of Education at E-ACT
  • Danielle Finlay, Senior Deputy Headteacher and previous Network Lead for Teaching and Learning at E-ACT

Peter, who was mentored by and succeeded Sir Michael Wilshaw, has cemented the Mossbourne Federation’s reputation for providing the children of Hackney with an outstanding education. He developed the Progress Teaching platform in response to his own experience of ‘on the ground’ challenges faced by Senior Leadership Teams and Teachers.

Mohsen has an extensive career within the education sector, from being the principal of the Crest Academy, to then working for E-Act as the National Director of Education, to his most recent role as the Deputy CEO of the Mossbourne Federation. He has witnessed first-hand that the quality of teaching in under performing schools is a fundamental issue and has strived to address this.

Danielle has always recognised the importance of feedback for a teacher’s career progression and self-development. She is passionate about the fact that everything teachers do, should be to deliver the best possible education for their students.

During this webinar we discuss how to address some of the challenges faced by many senior leadership teams such as:

  • Making information about student progress readily available and easy to action for classroom teachers
  • Triangulating student progress, teacher feedback and performance management
  • Having instant and on-demand access to lesson observation data
  • Establishing and maintaining effective communication with parents in a quick, easy and accessible way

We explore how Progress Teaching, a platform created from within the Mossbourne Federation, one of the top 1% performing schools in the country, was then adopted by the Crest Academy to improve their quality of teaching, whilst giving the senior leadership team a way to systematically measure both their teaching quality and student progression; so much so that it was then rolled out across the entire E-Act multi-academy trust.

In order to deliver the best teaching experience, it’s proven you need to constantly progress and develop your teachers. We explore how you can do this using the ProgressTeaching platform and reduce the time spent on things such as planning a lesson observation and waiting for meaningful data to be available, giving you real time student trend analysis.

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