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3 steps for improving pupil outcomes: a comprehensive approach

3 steps for improving pupil outcomes: a comprehensive approach

3 steps for improving pupil outcomes: a comprehensive approach

When striving for improved pupil outcomes, a strategic focus on three fundamental pillars—people, data, and systems—forms the bedrock of success. Renowned education expert Peter Hughes, Founder of ProgressTeaching and CEO of the Mossbourne Federation, underscores the significance of these areas in his book, “Outstanding School Leadership”, which received a stellar 4/5 star review from Jeffery Quaye of Schools Week.

1. People: nurturing excellence in teaching

At the forefront of education, teachers wield unparalleled influence on their pupils.

Improving pupil outcomes starts with a dedicated emphasis on cultivating exceptional teachers within our schools. Personalised Continuing Professional Development (CPD) emerges as a key strategy, ensuring teachers are motivated and happy.

High-frequency, low-stakes observations that give constructive feedback – facilitated through ProgressTeaching – allow teachers to identify areas for improvement and acknowledge their strengths. This fosters morale and empowers teachers to take ownership of their professional development.

2. Data: transforming insights into action

While the term “data” may evoke stress for some teachers, understanding and utilising it doesn’t need to be a daunting task.

Clarity is paramount, and concise reports equipped with essential information will empower teachers to analyse and act on their data effectively.

The principle of collecting only relevant data, emphasised by Alex Howard, Trust Intelligence Lead at Mossbourne, is explored in detail in our free webinar: Making Attainment Data Easily Accessible at All Levels.

3. Systems: streamlining operations for success

The effectiveness of systems cannot be overstated in the pursuit of improving pupil outcomes.

Having disparate systems with not enough information leads to the daily tasks of a teacher becoming time-consuming and stressful. You need to ensure that all your systems are working harmoniously with each other.

Providing a user-friendly platform that gives teachers the information they need, when they need it, is a sure way to drive improvements surrounding teaching and learning practices.

The Solution: ProgressTeaching –improving teaching for better pupil outcomes

ProgressTeaching has been developed by teachers, for teachers.

It is a centralised teaching improvement platform that allows you to make the best use of your people, data and systems.

Features include:

  • Teacher development
  • Student attainment data
  • Attendance reporting
  • Parent communications
  • Action steps analysis
  • Markbooks and curriculum tracking
  • Seating plans
  • Behaviour points
  • Student strategies
  • Summative and formative data reporting
  • Quality of teaching reporting

Book a demonstration to find out how ProgressTeaching can help your school to improve pupil outcomes:

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