Case study: Hartsdown Academy - ProgressTeaching
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Case study: Hartsdown Academy

Case study: Hartsdown Academy


Hartsdown Academy is a secondary school based in Margate with approximately 850 students. Before using ProgressTeaching their processes were inefficient and time-consuming – they used Google Forms for feedback and appraisals were paper-based.

Upon seeing the ProgressTeaching platform, Hartsdown Academy instantly recognised how managing both their appraisals and feedback processes via a centralised platform would greatly benefit their staff.

It was evident that ProgressTeaching not only seamlessly aligned with how they managed teaching and learning at the school, but that it would save their teachers valuable time and ensure that they received the feedback they deserved to improve their practice.


Having the platform has allowed the teachers at Hartsdown Academy to share strengths of teaching and learning whilst also having a focused method of feedback. They are seeing “rapid improvement in practice because of the ease and focus of the system.”

Deputy Head Teacher Jocelyn said:

 “The strengths and action steps allow a higher level of strategy for improving teaching and learning and for us to bespoke our CPD offering to the needs of the staff.

The platform is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. It means that a range of observers can see quality teaching and report quickly to staff on their progress and successes.” 

We have immediately noticed how much time we’re saving and how much stress on our teachers has been reduced from eliminating our old paper-based processes!

Jocelyn Rebera, Deputy Head Teacher


Hartsdown Academy have received great feedback from their teachers about ProgressTeaching! Some quotes include:

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