Case study: Riverside School - ProgressTeaching
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Case study: Riverside School

Case study: Riverside School

Streamlining processes with a holistic management system



Riverside school is a large secondary school based in Barking.

Their ‘Excellence for All” ethos is driven by 4 values:

  • Learning is at the heart of everything they do
  • They celebrate their diversity
  • They respect each other
  • They have high aspirations

Before they implemented ProgressTeaching, Riverside school used a range of systems to monitor and evaluate the quality of teaching and learning across the school.

They also had a separate system for data entry. They wanted to move to a holistic management system that would reduce teacher administration.



Observations were previously conducted on paper and were scanned in to be stored on a central system which was laborious and an ineffective use of time.

They wanted a system that would streamline their existing processes and bring them all together under one platform.



Riverside school now have a centralised platform that our implementation team has tailored to suit their specific requirements.

ProgressTeaching helps them to maintain their supportive and developmental culture, enabling teachers to observe within and across departments, reflect, and give meaningful and actionable feedback to further grow.

Since using ProgressTeaching they have seen a positive correlation between the number of peer observations conducted and those teachers making the largest progress.

The new group observation function allows their leaders to collate and store their department learning walks in one place. Senior and middle leaders use lesson observation data to map out the teaching and learning priorities of the school. This data feeds directly into subject specific professional development and whole school teaching and learning forums.

Leaders can visually see which learning behaviours need to be further strengthened within their learners. The data entry and processing modules also support leaders, providing rich data to identify how to improve teaching practice whilst evidencing this from teacher assessment.

The platform enables teachers and leaders across the school to track the progress of students at all levels and then implement and impact-assess intervention strategies.

Leaders can identify teachers routinely demonstrating best practice in a specific area and signpost developing teachers to carry out targeted observations to develop their own practice.

We have worked with ProgressTeaching for over three years now. They are very receptive to feedback and continually relay functionality requests back to their development team.

We would recommend ProgressTeaching to other schools as it has the ability to cohesively collate a range of systems under one platform but also allows for individual school flexibility and customisation.”

Serena Madhvani, Deputy Headteacher – Teaching, Learning and Assessment, Riverside school

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