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Handover meetings made easy

Handover meetings made easy

Handover meetings made easy

When pupils move on to their next year of education, it is important for their new teachers to know everything about them so that they can hit the ground running.

Are there strategies that you put in place for them that benefited them? Do they need extra support in specific subjects to reach their full potential? What did they achieve in their last round of assessments?  

These are just a some of the questions that we cover in handover meetings, and they need to be supported by pupil data. 

Instantly see vital pupil information

Gathering information about all your pupils from multiple places and collating it into an easy-to-digest format – combined with holding your handover meetings – can be extremely time-consuming. ProgressTeaching makes handover meetings quick, easy and effective! 

Our platform triangulates all the vital pupil information you need so you can instantly see: 

  • Progress and attainment data  
  • Pupil strategies 
  • Reports 
  • Pupil attendance 
  • Incidents and rewards 

Having all this information in one place eliminates hours of preparation time typically needed for handover meetings – this allows you to focus on having impactful conversations with your pupils’ new teachers about how the children can be helped to make progress. 

Save time and act on data insights

With the ProgressTeaching platform you spend less time trying to analyse your data and more time acting on the insights it shows you.

ProgressTeaching also streamlines the communication channel with parents so that they know every detail of their child’s progression.  

By reducing the administrative burden on teachers, ProgressTeaching gives teachers back valuable time and allows them to focus on being the best that they can be, so their pupils get the outcomes that they deserve. 

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