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Webinar: Platform deep dive – helping schools achieve teaching excellence

Webinar: Platform deep dive – helping schools achieve teaching excellence

Our February webinar “Excellence, no excuses – striving for teaching excellence all the time” had over 200 registrations with over 800 schools represented. Presenting this webinar was Peter Hughes, CEO of the Mossbourne Federation, who discussed the importance of regular feedback for teachers.

Following this webinar, we received numerous requests from attendees to host a follow up webinar demonstrating the power of the ProgressTeaching platform and how it is used on a daily basis across the Mossbourne Federation.

During this free webinar we will show you how the ProgressTeaching platform helps Mossbourne to relentlessly focus on improving the quality of teaching and learning to deliver outstanding student outcomes.

An Ofsted report highlighted that middle leaders “… check systematically on the quality of teaching, learning and assessment in their subject areas, using the ‘ProgressTeaching’ (Progress Analysis @ Mossbourne) system. This enables them to give timely feedback to teachers, address any issues quickly and provide them with professional development opportunities. “

Areas to covered include:

  • How ProgressTeaching allows schools to take a low-stakes, developmental approach to teacher feedback. Eliminating the stress and additional workload that teachers usually face when preparing for an observation.
  • How you can be ready to conduct observations instantly. Before observing your teachers, view all the feedback they’ve received. Access student data and contextual information. All at your fingertips on the ProgressTeaching platform.
  • Instantly accessing key lesson and student information for continuous improvement at your school.
  • Triangulating student attainment, lesson observations and appraisals on a single platform.
  • Collating and analysing data in just a few clicks, saving schools hundreds of hours per year.
  • How the platform provides classroom teachers, middle leaders and SLT with the same information. A single version of the truth allowing you to be fully transparent with your teachers.
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