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The need for typicality in schools

The need for typicality in schools

The need for typicality in schools is a simple idea but one that many schools are still not addressing. It gives us a typical view of the quality of teaching which lets us highlight areas for improvement. This just isn’t possible from three high stakes lesson observations carried out throughout the year.

Thankfully more and more schools are opting to give their teachers regular feedback and are all in agreement about the benefits it carries with it. 

When we give our teachers regular feedback we build on their strengths and areas for development. This is key to teachers developing their practice because it makes conversations developmental rather than judgmental. When we consider all aspects of a teachers teaching and their wider practice, our feedback can support their overall development.

To get a true understanding of the quality of teaching being delivered in a school you must have all the necessary information to hand. This includes information such as what your teachers are good at, what they are working on, and what has been said about their practice.

If a teacher has a great day, they should receive praise and it should be factored into their development. However, all teachers should be revisited regularly as they deserve ongoing high-quality feedback.

This approach supports teachers and should never make them feel under pressure in any way. It is a way to praise, develop and support them throughout their teacher improvement journey.

At ProgressTeaching improving the quality of teaching is at the heart of everything we do. To achieve excellent student outcomes, you need to put the best teachers in front of your pupils.

In a recent webinar we heard from Peter Hughes, CEO of the Mossbourne Federation, about how he ensures that his teachers strive for teaching excellence at all times. During this webinar, he discussed the importance of regular feedback and observations for teachers. He also explained a proven observation structure that has been used to improve the quality of teaching across the Mossbourne Federation, and showed how it can be used by any school wanting to improve the standard of teaching delivered by their teachers.

Learn more about the webinar and download a recording here.
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