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ProgressTeaching review – Teachwire

ProgressTeaching review – Teachwire

ProgressTeaching review: Teachwire

"From start to finish, ProgressTeaching is designed with teachers in mind. It’s a teacher-centric platform that offers real time-saving, productive functionality."

Adam Riches, Teachwire

This review of ProgressTeaching by Adam Riches from Teachwire highlights some of the key benefits that the platform brings to the day-to-day lives of teachers.

At a glance Adam highlights that ProgressTeaching:

  • Is a one-of-a-kind online teacher development tool that empowers continual improvement
  • Encourages self and collective efficacy of teachers, building a sense of collective progression
  • Has workload reducing functionality for monitoring behaviour, tracking student data and reporting to parents
  • Is designed with the role of teachers in mind – timesaving, intuitive and helpful
  • Integrates with MIS for seamless access to data

“After just a few minutes navigating the online portal, teachers are able to access and record, send and receive a wealth of information, giving them the power and time to focus on what is most important – teaching the students.

It is no secret that the processing, recording and application of school data is contributing significantly to the retention of teachers. When you factor in the continual need for development, it is clear that a solution is needed if we are to retain staff.

ProgressTeaching does away with a number of the complexities around data collection and collation, leaving teachers to do what they do best – teach.

Regardless of phase or context, ProgressTeaching is functional and exceptionally powerful with regard to staff development and an excellent workload reducing tool.

The platform is innovative and forward thinking, being the only existing platform to boast triangulation between teacher development, pupil progress and parental engagement.”

Used by schools such as:

Find out more about why schools of all sizes and phases trust ProgressTeaching to help them improve teaching for better student outcomes:

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