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Webinar: Supporting pupils post remote-learning

Webinar: Supporting pupils post remote-learning

Learning is a journey and the unprecedented ‘bump’ in the road that is Covid19 must not be the end of the road for pupils in Years 11 and 13.

Although they will not be examined in the usual manner in 2021 the remainder of the academic year is still important for them. Some would say it is more vital than ever. They will not get a second chance to prepare for the next stage in their education or chosen career route and it is an educator’s role to make the journey as seamless as possible for them.

We must consider the impact it has had on other pupils too. For example:

  • Year 7 pupils who have not had the opportunity to truly adjust to the challenging transition year to secondary school
  • Year 10 pupils who have lost at least 20% of teaching and learning in GCSE courses but will not benefit from adaptations to exams in 2022
  • Our disadvantaged pupils who may have been disproportionately negatively affected by the challenges of remote learning

How do we make sure that the last year does not impact our children for life?

During this webinar Rebecca Warren, Principal at Mossbourne Community Academy, and Peter Hughes, CEO of The Mossbourne Federation, will discuss how they are supporting pupils now that they have returned to school. Key points covered in the webinar include:

  • Challenges and changes in measuring attainment and progress during COVID
  • Identifying students who are underachieving and overachieving
  • Changes to the curriculum
  • Ideas and strategies for ensuring students achieve great outcomes

We will also show you how the ProgressTeaching platform has been used to support leaders, teachers and all members of staff in these unprecedented times and will continue to support as we move forwards.

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