Set Effective Action Steps to Develop your Teachers - ProgressTeaching
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7 wonders of ProgressTeaching number 2 - Action Steps. An icon of a person is climbing stairs showing their progression against tasks listed on a clipboard.

Give actionable feedback and set action steps aligned to your school’s unique improvement plan

Support your teachers with their development goals so they can constantly improve their practice for better pupil outcomes. ProgressTeaching lets you see which habits teachers are working on and if they are getting the feedback that they need to progress.

With ProgressTeaching you can:

  • Add Action Steps by feedback strand so that they support your school’s understanding of best practice
  • See what a teacher is working on when you visit their class, so you can give relevant feedback
  • Track engagement and progress to ensure your staff are working towards improving their quality of teaching
  • View progress by teacher type, feedback strand, and subject
  • See all of a teacher’s action steps in one place
Multiple coloured graphs showing the progression of a schools action steps by habit and teacher type.

ProgressTeaching also enables you to view pupil progress data alongside teacher development needs so you can quickly make effective action plans.

Find out more about how ProgressTeaching can help you to develop your teachers: