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ProgressTeaching Vision dashboard showing various pupil attendance graphs

Improve pupil attendance across your school or trust

Track and analyse your pupil attendance data at the click of a button

ProgressTeaching Vision has been created by school leaders, for school leaders. 

With our pupil attendance and exclusion dashboard you can see your trends year on year, term by term, or week by week.

Use ProgressTeaching Vision to:
Understand attendance by cohorts such as PP, SEND, year group and more
Compare your attendance statistics to the national average
Identify pockets of excellence across your trust to ensure that best practices are being shared
Discover if factors such as illness or holidays are impacting pupil attendance
View and print visually stunning pupil attendance reports
Provide your leaders with the reports that they need at the click of a button on any device

Assess trends with automated reports

The attendance reports generated by ProgressTeaching Vision gives leaders an instant snapshot of their pupil attendance and exclusion data. 

Reduce the time it takes to produce your reports from hours to just a few minutes.

Give your leaders instant access to the reports that they need for meetings such as Governors, Ofsted, and SLT meetings. 

Get actionable insights from automated reports

Our reports also provide actionable insights for pastoral leads, attendance officers and phase leaders.

ProgressTeaching Vision connects directly to your MIS meaning that you can be set up and starting to benefit from the dashboard within just a few days. 

Why is regular pupil attendance so important?

Pupils must be at school to learn. One of the best ways for us to ensure that our pupils get the outcomes that they deserve is to make sure that they are in school as much as possible. Research shows that pupils with higher attainment at KS2 and KS4 had lower levels of absence over the key stage compared to those with lower attainment.

A recent Ofsted report found that schools with successful attendance strategies sensitively analyse the reasons behind absences.

ProgressTeaching Vision shows you the reason behind pupil absences allowing you to use this information to strategise your next steps for improving pupil attendance across your trust.

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