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Empower your teachers whilst saving them valuable time when it comes to administering effective behaviour management

ProgressTeaching Behaviour allows teachers to clearly record positive and negative behaviour. Teachers can instantly record rewards, incidents and sanctions, quickly assign and notify all the relevant people, and engage with parents with automatic emails relating to behaviour.

Behaviour is recorded directly from a teacher’s timetable ensuring that valuable metadata (such as class, period, location and subject) prepopulates the behaviour record with a single click.


Our highly customisable reports instantly give your teachers the information they need to identify behaviour trends and make informed decisions. 

With ProgressTeaching you can customise:

Types of incidents, rewards and any points that are applicable to them
The sanctions which result from a particular incident, including assigning to a central detention register
Further actions that you would like staff to take or consider when recording an incident or reward
Automatic emails that are sent if customised thresholds are met

Find out more about how ProgressTeaching can help your school to track and record behaviours: