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Track the effectiveness of your curriculum​

Effortlessly record and analyse formative assessments for all groups and terms, gaining vital insights into pupil progress. Our platform instantly gives you a true insight into the implementation of your curriculum and lets you easily evidence its impact during Ofsted visits.

ProgressTeaching allows teachers to tailor their teaching with precision so that they can nurture their pupils’ potential.

With our platform you can:

  • View key data instantly
  • Compare terms with a click
  • Drive continuous improvement
Understand teacher CPD requirements across your school

Take a data-driven approach to CPD by quickly understanding your school’s teaching strengths and weaknesses regarding your curriculum implementation. ProgressTeaching curriculum tracking reports show you which areas your teachers would benefit from additional training on – allowing you to constantly improve your school’s quality of teaching for better pupil outcomes.

Identify which pupils need more support

At the click of a button you can see which areas of your curriculum need to be retaught and identify any pupils that are falling behind in their education. You can quickly implement intervention strategies for pupils and ensure they are receiving the support they need to reach their full potential.

Find out more about how ProgressTeaching can help your school to track the effectiveness of your curriculum:

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4 top tips for improving productivity

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Case study: Woodlands School

At a glance Challenges:   Quality of teaching data wasn’t readily available Assessing strengths and areas for improvement was a time consuming task Benefits:   Time spent collating and analysing data reduced from hours to just minutes Reduced workload for

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