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Turning SATs results into actionable data

Turning SATs results into actionable data

In a recent U-turn, the government announced that Key Stage 1 SATs will be remaining at least until the academic year 2023-24.

Whilst there will be mixed opinions about this policy change, the move provides us with the opportunity to refine our systems and practice. So how can we best use the data generated from these assessments to ensure all our pupils are making progress?

Manage data efficiently 

As a starting point, we must look at how much time it is taking to collect, collate and analyse the SATs data. If you are using spreadsheets to manage this process, it is likely you are spending a significant amount of time on these tasks.  

By entering the data once into the ProgressTeaching platform, the information is instantly available to all key stakeholders, leaving teachers and leaders free to discuss and implement actions for pupils with immediate effect.  

Act on the information you have 


From the moment you receive your KS1 SATs results, ProgressTeaching supports your school in the following ways: 

  1. Using filters, target groups of pupils for English, Maths and SPaG are identified in seconds. 
  2. Bespoke intervention groups, made up of pupils from different classes if required, are created in the platform, tracked and immediately accessed by all staff involved.
  3. Intervention strategies for individual pupils are recorded and reviewed over time. 
  4. Through the lesson observation module, teachers’ application of individual pupil strategies are monitored and CPD themes identified.  


The output of reports previous to ProgressTeaching was always well received by teachers, but the actual process of collating the data took ages! Now it’s quick and straightforward. It’s given us so much more time to get on with teaching. 

Martin Hunter, Assistant Headteacher at All Saints CEVA primary school. 

Find out more about how we can help you to turn your SATs results into actionable data:

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